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Thorens TD 320 with SME 3009 tonearm

The classic Thorens 320 high-end turntable with SME 3009 tonearm and Nagaoka MP 110 phono cartridge.

This turntable is sold, but you can order the same. The only difference is that the wooden pattern could be a little bit different. We can also make an upgrade according to your wishes.
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The Thorens TD 320 is the top model of the record players from the 300 series. It is still regarded as one of the most popular Thorens turntables. The heavy MDF chassis damps the motor noise well and contributes to rich bass.

The metal tray was damped with special acoustic material. It removes the specific metal tinkle from the sound and adjusts tonal balance, making the sound natural.

The platter bearing was cleaned of all the old oil and grease, and then oiled again with high quality oil especially recommended for this player’s bearing. The result of the bearing restoration is a more stable and smooth rotation and less mechanical noise.

The rubber drive belt was meticulously cleaned using only hot water and soap, avoiding the use of any solvent which would have altered the elasticity of the rubber.

The old tonearm was replaced with “SME 3009 MK II Improved”. It is a legendary tonearm and known to suit the Thorens turntables perfectly. It was already in a good condition, then it was restored and the bearing was cleaned and oiled. The tonearm and cartridge were tuned with professional equipment. The old cables were also replaced with new audiophile high quality cables and gold plated RCA plugs. All the soldering was made with audiophile silver solder WBT-0820 and flux X-M3 (no traces of adulterated alcohol). The tonearm is equipped with Nagaoka MP 110 MM phono cartridge and it’s possible to change it to another one. The armboard is milled from resonant damped German “Panzerholz” wood known for its rigidity and vibration damping properties.

The plinth finishing was restored. It was sanded and cleaned of old varnish and then painted with 4 successive layers of matte varnish, making it look much fresher. It is also possible to finish the plinth using any decorative wood veneers.

The suspended sub-chassis was tuned to use with the chosen stabilizer. Now the fully-loaded sub-chassis (platter, slipmat, vinyl and stabilizer) is parallel to the supporting chassis.

The whole plinth stands on height-adjustable spikes.

The main platter disc was polished in chrome.

The complete package includes stabilizer, digital scales (to adjust the cartridge tracing force), spirit level (to adjust the turntable level) and instructions for player and tonearm adjustment and tuning.


The shipping is not included. We will pack the turntable very carefully and securely, as if it were a crystal vase.

You may return the turntable within 14 days of arrival for a full refund, minus shipping charges. After 14 days and within one year, if a player has any problems, we can repair it for free or just for the cost of replaced parts, if replacement will be necessary.


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SME 3009 MK II Improved


Nagaoka MP 110


13 kg


44 x 32 x 18 cm

  1. I decided to renovate my old record player, Thorens 320, and I asked Monoment Vintage Turntables to perform the job. In the end, I received very high quality work, both in terms of design and in technical terms. Artem is a very knowledgeable about turntables and made a really good offer for upgrading and restoration. The player now sounds better than before, much more natural and clear. It also looks much fresher and is outright beautiful. Artem also supplied me with all the necessary accessories (digital scale, spirit level and stabilizer) and with clear and simple instructions for the initial tuning and set up of the player. In summary, I am very happy with my new old Thorens and I can strongly recommend the Monoment service!

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