Thorens TD 124 Repair and Upgrade

The legendary Thorens TD 124 turntable offers incomparable musical performance. Famous for expressing the heart and soul of music through vinyl reproduction, the Thorens 124 has to be restored in order to realize its whole potential.


Basic restoration

  • Disassembling and cleaning of all metal parts, including the motor
  • Motor bearing restoration (cleaning and lubricating). Bearing replacement when needed (additional €80)
  • Main platter bearing restoration (cleaning, lubricating, paper gasket replacement)
  • Bearing end cap replacement with the new bronze thrust plate (for additional €70)
  • Main platter bearing shaft cleaning and polishing
  • Drive platter surface (were belt rides) cleaning of oxidation and staining
  • Drive platter edge cleaning and polishing (if needed)
  • Rubber parts (idler wheel, drive belt, decoupling mushrooms, motor suspension dampers) cleaning using hot water and soap
  • Switch suppressor condenser replacement
  • Strobe lamp checking (replacement if needed for additional €45)
  • Motor pulley cleaning
  • Headshell terminals cleaning for better metal connection
  • Cartridge checking (if used) and alignment
  • Top plate cleaning (using an appropriated cleaner)
  • Armboard cleaning (using an appropriated cleaner). Can be replaced if needed
  • Plinth cleaning and treatment
  • Rubber mat cleaning

Additional restorations and upgrades

  • Big and massive plinth with wood veneering and gloss finishing for 2 tonearms (like here) – starting from €2000
  • Massive plinth with matt finishing for 1 tonearm (like here) – starting from €1000
  • Small and light plinth (like here) – starting from €300
  • Metal height adjustable spike feet upgrade – starting from €60
  • Chassis painting – starting from €250
  • Idler wheel replacement – €120
  • New Thorens belt replacement – €20
  • Headshell leads replacement with gold plated – €40
  • Tonearm restoration – €80
  • Upgrade with restored SME 3009 tonearm – €600
  • Upgrade with nonmagnetic platter (for using with MC phono cartridges) – €350
  • Armboard made from panzerholz – €150
  • Armboard made from sandwich of acrylic glass and panzerholz – €180
  • Armboard made from sandwich of acrylic glass and plywood – €120
  • New dust cover – €130


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