Vintage Turntables Restoration, Repair and Upgrade

We repair, restore and upgrade high-end vintage turntables, such as Thorens, Garrard, Lenco and others.

We can offer you a suitable set of tonearms and phono cartridges for upgrade, but we can also use equipment according to your wishes.

Almost all of the record players can be equipped with new plinths. You can choose any of our ready-made designs, or we can make special design according to your wishes. We produce big, massive plinths with excellent damping abilities for sturdy high-end chassis, such as Thorens 124 and Garrard 301 or 401. For smaller players (like Thorens 160 and Thorens 146), we use solid decorative wood.

Restoration and upgrade examples

Some restoration details

All parts including the motor will be disassembled and cleaned with specific care. In some cases a motor bearing can be changed. At the end of the cleaning and reassembling of the parts, the motor is dramatically less noisy and works more stable.

The main platter bearing will be cleaned, restored and oiled with high quality oil having a viscosity which accommodates a broad temperature band. The result of the bearing restoration is a more stable and smooth rotation, less mechanical noise and a system which is perfectly sealed.

The metal chassis and sub-chassis will be damped with special acoustic material. This removes the specific metallic tinkle and also adjusts tonal balance to give a natural sound.

All parts made of rubber (idler wheel, drive belt, rubber decoupling mushrooms, motor suspension dampers) will be meticulously cleaned using only hot water and soap avoiding the use of any solvent which would have altered the elasticity of the rubber. In fact there could be no need to replace them as they work just as well as new ones would. Only in very few cases, parts need to be replaced.

The chassis or the top surface can be painted in any color.


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