What is Berlin Vintage Turntables?
Simply the best place where you can send your turntable for upgrading, maintenance or any other technical needs.
I had a problem with my Thorens TD 320: replace the arm with the better Sumiko Premiere MMT.
No one in Italy wanted to try it, saying it would be too much trouble.
Even a Thorens Technician advised me against due to electrical problems.
The solution was only one: Mr. Artem Galukhin.
And if you are also interested in advice, opinions, solutions to problems, skills, expertise, friendly approach, don’t waste time to looking for: send your deck to Berlin Vintage Turntables as soon as possible…

Thorens TD 320‘s owner,

Umberto Sembenelli, Mailand, Italy
Last year I inherited a Thorens TD 124 MK I from 1962. Although it had been in storage for about 40 years, it was still in need of a thorough check up and a restoration. Due to the high quality of this turntable, it was imperative that I find someone who knew what they were doing. I knew there was an excellent restoration company in Switzerland and also in the USA. However, since I live in Berlin, I thought there might be somebody here who could work on it. After searching around in the internet, I found Artem Galukhin of Monoment Vintage Turntables. I contacted him, talked with him, and he convinced me that he knew what he was doing.

I can absolutely say that it was a pleasure to work together with Artem. He kept me updated on the progress and was able to answer all of my questions. He also came up with an excellent modification to add weight to my wood plinth by drilling holes in it and filling them with lead and sand. And he even designed and sourced a custom dust cover for me. Due to the fact that I don’t live too far from him, he even let me come over a couple of times to show me what he was doing. Very precise and beautiful work! And at a very fair price, too.

My newly restored Thorens 124 MK I is absolutely amazing. Now I have a beautiful, museum quality turntable that I play every day. I have never heard such a great sound come out of records before. It’s “wow” time when I listen to my system now!

In summary, if you want to have a vintage turntable restored to perfection, then without a doubt, I can highly recommend Berlin Vintage Turntables.

Thorens TD 124 MK I‘s owner,

Michael Helander, USA and Germany
I decided to renovate my old record player, Thorens 320, and I asked Berlin Vintage Turntables to perform the job. In the end, I received very high quality work, both in terms of design and in technical terms. Artem is a very knowledgeable about turntables and made a really good offer for upgrading and restoration. The player now sounds better than before, much more natural and clear. It also looks much fresher and is outright beautiful. Artem also supplied me with all the necessary accessories (digital scale, spirit level and stabilizer) and with clear and simple instructions for the initial tuning and set up of the player. In summary, I am very happy with my new old Thorens and I can strongly recommend the BVT service!

Thorens TD 320‘s owner,

Roland Mader, Germany
I wish words could fully describe the quality of the restored Thorens 124 MK I that I have purchased from Monoment, the massively stable and and distinctive plinth that Artem Galukhin crafted for it, and the pleasure I now have listening to my LPs. They never sounded better than with tone arms and cartridges that Artem recommended, installed, and calibrated. Monoment sold me a work of technical artistry that sings with my system. After months of searching and dialoguing with others in the U.K., Switzerland, and Germany, I decided to purchase from Monoment Vintage Turntables.  We discussed what I sought, accessory options, as well as making arrangements (at my request) for personal pick-up in Berlin and negotiating a contract via email. The highpoint was afterwards meeting in Berlin with Artem, who is impressive and modest. There he demonstrated the turntable, answered my questions, and provided me with tailored set-up and operating instructions while encouraging me to call him should I need help after arriving home. No help needed! Artem trained me well.  The Thorens has now played through scores of LPs with many more ahead. Three things stand out about my experience with Berlin Vintage Turntables:
– I received an exquisitely rebuilt and flawlessly functioning Thorens 124 in a “statement” plinth (cymbal clashes are so real on this turntable that my cats jump);
– Artem was scrupulous about every detail of our agreement;
– His communications and responses were unfailingly rapid and clear.
I am very happy to give my highest recommendation to Vintage Turntables in Berlin.

Thorens TD 124 MK I‘s owner,

Ken Beeth, USA and Hungary
Between more than 20 offers we decided to buy a Thorens TD 160 from Berlin Vintage Turntables.
All arrangements concerning technical details, housing material and color, protection cover and at least the price where fulfilled in time with a high quality. We felt it very friendly to offer even sound records and finally a personal check before paying.
Thank you Artem for your fine work.

Thorens TD 160‘s owner,

Gottfried Merker, Germany
My friend recommended me Berlin Vintage Turntables because I was looking for an old style turntable in good condition. I liked Thorens 125 MK II but it was not available at the moment and Artem, who is running this business, offered me to find a used one and to tune it. We discussed all other things as a tonearm, cartridge and kind of wood for finishing, I made some prepayment and Artem started his work. I must tell that everything was done on time, all the things were easily negotiated and Artem provided me all necessary information how to set everything up. He also helped me with purchasing phono amplifier which I didn’t have. I highly recommend Berlin Vintage Turntables for everyone who would like not only to listen a good sound but who also would like to have a great piece of work he can admire all the time.

Thorens TD 125 MK II‘s owner,

Alexander Skladchikov, Saint-Petersburg, Russia

Restoration and Upgrade

We restore all mechanical parts, including the motor. If needed, we can upgrade some parts. We can use your turntable or we can offer you one of ours, and we can also find you a good record player on the secondary market (ebay and etc.). Thorens, Garrard, Lenco and many other turntables are available for production.

Almost all of the record players are equipped with new plinths. We produce big, massive plinths with excellent damping abilities for sturdy high-end chassis, such as Thorens 124 and Garrard 301 or 401. For smaller players, we use solid decorative wood.


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