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Thorens TD 125 MK II with SME 3009 tonearm

The top quality Thorens 125 turntable with SME 3009 tonearm.

This turntable is sold, but you can order the same. The only difference is that the wooden pattern could be a little bit different. We can also make an upgrade according to your wishes.
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The Thorens TD 125 is the high-end model from the early 1970s. It is a top quality instrument which, with reasonable care, will deliver optimum reproduction quality and protect your records for years to come.
The player’s plinth is made from Mahogany wood. The tree is gently processed and oiled with special furniture oil. The bottom of the plinth, made of plywood, additionally damps parasitic resonances and vibrations without losing the natural harmonic richness of an analogue instrument. The whole structure is carried by 3 height adjustable spike foots with locknuts for better stability. These spikes enable to isolate the equipment from external vibrations in the environment.
The top surface is painted with black matte lacquer.


The metal sub-chassis was damped with special acoustic material. This removes the specific metallic tinkle and also adjusts tonal balance to give a natural sound.

The platter bearing was cleaned of all the old oil and grease, and then oiled again with high quality oil especially recommended for this player’s bearing. The result of the bearing restoration is a more stable and smooth rotation and less mechanical noise.
Full list of restorations that was made


The player is upgraded with legendary SME 3009 tonearm. It’s known to suit the Thorens turntables perfectly. It was selected in an already good condition, then it was restored and the bearing was cleaned. The tonearm internal wires were upgraded to high-end Nagaoka TC-111.

The tonearm is equipped with Grado F1 phono cartridge. It’s also possible to change it and install any other higher quality cartridge. We would recommend something like Nagaoka MP 110 (around 150 €) or MP 150 (around 300 €), Ortofon Blue (around 180 €) or Bronze (around 300 €), Audio Technica At 150 MLX (around 350 €). Installation and tuning is free of charge, and you can also just send us your cartridge.
The old cables were replaced with new audiophile high quality cables and gold plated RCA plugs. All of the soldering was done using audiophile silver solder WBT-0820 and flux X-M3 (no traces of alcohol).
The new acrylic dust cover on hinges can be installed for additional 180 €.
The suspended sub-chassis will be tuned for use both with or without a stabilizer. The fully-loaded sub-chassis (platter, mat, vinyl and stabilizer) must be parallel to the supporting chassis. The stabilizer from the pictures cost an additional 60 €. You can also tell us your stabilizer weight and we will tune the sub-chassis for free.
The main platter disc edge is polished in matte and painted with lacquer to prevent tarnishing.
The complete package includes instructions for record player and tonearm adjustment and tuning.


The shipping is not included. We will pack the turntable very carefully and securely, as if it were a crystal vase.

You may return the turntable within 7 days of arrival for a full refund, minus shipping charges. After 7 days and within one year, if a player has any problems, we can repair it for free or just for the cost of replaced parts, if replacement will be necessary.


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Weight 18 kg
Dimensions 48 × 36 × 21 cm

SME 3009


Grado F1

  1. Alexander Skladchikov, Saint-Petersburg, Russia

    My friend recommended me Monoment Vintage Turntables because I was looking for an old style turntable in good condition. I liked Thorens 125 MK II but it was not available at the moment and Artem, who is running this business, offered me to find a used one and to tune it. We discussed all other things as a tonearm, cartridge and kind of wood for finishing, I made some prepayment and Artem started his work. I must tell that everything was done on time, all the things were easily negotiated and Artem provided me all necessary information how to set everything up. He also helped me with purchasing phono amplifier which I didn’t have. I highly recommend Monoment Vintage Turntables for everyone who would like not only to listen a good sound but who also would like to have a great piece of work he can admire all the time.

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