Thorens TD 160 (165, 166, Super) Restoration, Repair and Upgrade

The Thorens TD 160 is the top classic model from the 1970s. It is a precision instrument which has to be restored to deliver optimum reproduction quality.


Basic restoration

  • Check of the platter bearing and motor (including bearings)
  • Main platter bearing restoration (cleaning, lubricating)
  • Main platter bearing shaft cleaning and polishing
  • Main platter edge cleaning and polishing (if needed)
  • Drive platter surface (were belt rides) cleaning of oxidation and staining
  • Motor checking and lubricating
  • Tonearm check
  • Check metal parts of the chassis for corrosion. WD-40 treatment if needed
  • Metal chassis and sub-chassis damping with special acoustic material
  • Motor and platter bearing damping with rings made from special acoustic material
  • Check of the audio cables and plugs. Can be replaced if needed
  • Check of the electric and audio wire solder points. Re-solder if needed
  • Rubber drive belt cleaning using hot water and soap. Replacement if needed for additional €20
  • Motor pulley clutch function checking and restoring of needed
  • Motor pulley cleaning
  • Headshell terminals cleaning for better metal connection
  • Tonearm lift checking (damping fluid replacement if needed for additional €45)
  • Cartridge checking (if used) and alignment
  • Suspended sub-chassis tuning
  • Top plate cleaning (using an appropriated cleaner)
  • Rubber mat cleaning
  • Plinth cleaning and treatment
  • Install upgrade feet
  • Clean and polish dust cover, if included
  • Providing instructions for turntable and tonearm adjustment and tuning

Additional restorations and upgrades

  • New solid wood plinth – €250 (beech), €270 (oak), €290 (mahogany)
  • Metal height adjustable spike feet upgrade – starting from €70
  • Cables replacement with new audiophile high quality cables and gold plated RCA plugs – €75
  • Chassis top surface painting – €60
  • Armboard made from sandwich of acrylic glass and plywood – €85
  • Upgrade with restored SME 3009 tonearm – €800
  • Tonearm restoration – €100
  • New dust cover – €150
  • Headshell leads replacement with gold plated – €50
  • New Thorens belt replacement – €20


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