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Thorens TD 124 MK I with two tonearms

The legendary Thorens TD 124 MKI high-end turntable on a big and massive plinth with two tonearms.

This turntable is sold, but you can order the same. The only difference is that the wooden pattern could be a little bit different. We can also make an upgrade according to your wishes.
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The legendary Thorens 124 I turntable offers incomparable musical performance. Famous for expressing the heart and soul of music through vinyl reproduction, the Thorens 124 was restored in order to realize its whole potential.

The chassis was restored. All parts including the motor were disassembled and cleaned with specific care. The motor bearing was cleaned of all the old oil and grease then oiled again with high-quality oil especially recommended for this bearing system. At the end of the cleaning and reassembling of the parts, the motor is dramatically less noisy and works more stable. The main platter bearing was disassembled, cleaned and restored. Several components were replaced: the thrust bearing plate (replaced by a thicker one made of bronze), the paper oil gasket and the bearing bottom plate. The new main platter bearing was oiled with high-quality oil having a viscosity which accommodates a broad temperature band. The result of the bearing restoration is a more stable and smooth rotation, less mechanical noise and a system which is perfectly sealed.


All parts made of rubber (idler wheel, drive belt, rubber decoupling mushrooms, motor suspension dampers) were meticulously cleaned using only hot water and soap avoiding the use of any solvent which would have altered the elasticity of the rubber. This careful cleaning process allowed us to preserve the old parts. In fact, there was no need to replace them as they work just as well as new ones would.

The switch suppressor condenser was replaced.

The Chassis was painted in light blue-grey. Alternatively, it is possible to paint it in another colour.

The big and massive plinth has super damping abilities which are especially important given the power of the Thorens 124 chassis. The material used is high profile Russian birch plywood which was selected for its optimal characteristics for audio purposes. 6 layers of 24 mm each were glued with polyurethane glue which gives additional damping properties to the plinth. We used following unique procedure: 14 cavities were dug inside of the wood body and filled with a mix of lead balls, sand and glue. This technique adds mass to the structure hence holding, dampens parasitic resonances and vibration without losing the natural harmonic richness of analogue instrument. It also balances the weight of the entire player. The plinth was finished using a Rosewood (Palisander) veneer, lacked with 12 successive layers and thoroughly polished using premium surface coatings.


The whole structure is carried by special designed Norwegian all-in-one spike feet “Soundcare® SuperSpike standard model”. These exceptional spikes avoid damaged surfaces and enable to isolate the equipment from external vibrations in the environment.

The armboards are CNC (computer numerical controlled machining) milled from resonant damped German “Panzerholz” wood known for its rigidity and vibration damping properties.

Two tonearms were installed which can work with different phono cartridges. The choice of using one or the other depends on the selected record and individual taste. The first tonearm “SME 3009 MK II Improved” is legendary and known to suit the Thorens 124 turntable perfectly. It was selected in an already good condition, then it was restored and the bearing was cleaned and oiled. The tonearm wires were changed to high-end Nagaoka TC-111.


The wires inside of the plinth are made with audiophile high-end quality cable Van Den Hul – D-501. All the soldering was made with audiophile silver solder WBT-0820 and flux X-M3 (no traces of adulterated alcohol). The cable is connected to the red copper plated RCA plugs via clamping (and not soldering) which is well adapted for a finer sound. This tonearm is equipped with Audio Technica AT440ML MM phono cartridge and it’s possible to change it to another cartridge.

The second tonearm is a modern Jelco SA-750L. It is the 12″ version of the popular SA-750 tonearm. In comparison to SME 3009, it’s a higher mass tonearm which can be used with different type of cartridges. It offers a great resolution of detail. Together with the tonearm comes an original Jelco cable JAC-501. This tonearm is equipped with Denon DL-103R MC phono cartridge. It’s also possible to change this cartridge to another.

All the tonearms and cartridges were tuned with professional equipment.


The shipping is not included. We will pack the turntable very carefully and securely, as if it were a crystal vase.

You may return the turntable within 7 days of arrival for a full refund, minus shipping charges. After 7 days and within one year, if a player has any problems, we can repair it for free or just for the cost of replaced parts, if replacement will be necessary.


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Tonearm 1

SME 3009 MK II Improved

Cartridge 1

Audio-Technica AT440MLa MM

Tonearm 2

Jelco SA-750L

Cartridge 2

Denon DL-103R MC

Cable 2

Jelco JAC-50


32 kg


54 x 41 x 27 cm

  1. Ken Beeth, USA and Hungary

    I wish words could fully describe the quality of the restored Thorens 124 MK I that I have purchased from Monoment, the massively stable and and distinctive plinth that Artem Galukhin crafted for it, and the pleasure I now have listening to my LPs. They never sounded better than with tone arms and cartridges that Artem recommended, installed, and calibrated. Monoment sold me a work of technical artistry that sings with my system. After months of searching and dialoguing with others in the U.K., Switzerland, and Germany, I decided to purchase from Monoment Vintage Turntables. We discussed what I sought, accessory options, as well as making arrangements (at my request) for personal pick-up in Berlin and negotiating a contract via email. The highpoint was afterwards meeting in Berlin with Artem, who is impressive and modest. There he demonstrated the turntable, answered my questions, and provided me with tailored set-up and operating instructions while encouraging me to call him should I need help after arriving home. No help needed! Artem trained me well. The Thorens has now played through scores of LPs with many more ahead. Three things stand out about my experience with Monoment Vintage Turntables:
    – I received an exquisitely rebuilt and flawlessly functioning Thorens 124 in a “statement” plinth (cymbal clashes are so real on this turntable that my cats jump);
    – Artem was scrupulous about every detail of our agreement;
    – His communications and responses were unfailingly rapid and clear.
    I am very happy to give my highest recommendation to Monoment Vintage Turntables in Berlin.

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